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Blanket Ceremony

The Blanket Ceremony is among the oldest and best loved traditions of the American Indians.

Two blue blankets used in the ceremony each represent the couple's past lives that may have been filled with loneliness, weakness, failures, sorrow and spiritual depression.

The couple are wrapped in the blue blankets and their relatives follow them to the sacred fire circle. ( or in this case just to the altar ) After the spiritual leader blesses the union the couple then shed the blue blankets and are enveloped by relatives in a single white blanket representing their new ways of happiness, fulfillment and peace.

Under the white blanket, the couple then embraced and kissed.

The white blanket is kept by the couple and often displayed in their home. Legend says that the marital blanket is not to touch the ground untill the marriage is consumated else the marriage be fraught with hardships and strife. It is this same blanket that is some times split in half if the marriage goes sour and the couple were to separate.

This addition to your wedding may be followed by the unity candle, sand ceremony or the wine ceremony to give it a completely unique feel and break away from tradition just a wee little bit. Perhaps this will even start a new trend within your circle of family and friends?

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