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This is a preview of the Elder FUTHARK Oracle cards that I am creating. The cards in this slideshow are the first eight of Freyia's Aettir. The images on the cards are temp images. I may decide to use other images a little more appealing to the eye providing I can create ones that I like. It comes with a 120 page e-book which I have authored. The book will only be released in .rtf format and is available for download here on this site below. There is also a version of the e-book for download that is for casting wood, crystal or stone runes that I have written for a class on runes I soon will be teaching. ( Classic runes not in card format) Even if you do not own this deck, the book itself is very helpful with this form of rune whether in the medium of cards, stones, wood disks, bone or any other. As long as they are Elder Futhark Runes this e-book is for you. And where else online can you get a FREE e-book on runecasting??? Check it out!

Click here to download my E-book for use with my Oracle Deck 130 pages

click here to download my E-book for casting hard runes 120 pages