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By Reverend Tommy Rogers ( Straboh )


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Hello and blessings to you! My name is Reverend Tommy W. Rogers, and I am an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church of Modesto California as well as Universal Ministries of Milford Illinois. I am a member of Clergy of the Correllian Nativist Church of Albany New York as an ordained first degree Priest of that tradition as well. For now, all of my services shall be presided over in or around Sedgwick County Kansas. So for now I am very localized. In the very near future I shall be performing ceremonies in ALL of the continental U.S. states, however, if I travel to perform a wedding for you, you shall be required to pay a service fee for the ceremony plus reimbursement of travel expenses such as fuel and lodging. My personal path is pagan. I have been a practitioner of Wicca for the past nineteen years. I am 36 years old.

The ceremonies that you see listed on this site are not the only ones that I will perform. There are many variations on each of these that I will do. Most importantly, " RELIGION IS NOT A FACTOR." I will perform both Christian and Pagan ceremonies as well as blended ceremonies that incorporate multiple belief systems. If you can imagine it, you and I together can make it happen.

I shall frequently update this site with articles that will help you plan your special day with tips, tricks and advice from wedding experts as well as couples who are in the know. I will also publish more information about the various ceremony types that you can choose from. Due to variations in financial incomes my fees are negotiable and my rates are fair as well as very competitive. There is also a link to my email at the bottom of this page so that you can contact me for info about myself or my services. You may also contact me through the Witche's Voice website. I am listed under Clergy in the state of Kansas. You may get there by clicking the link below. Many blessings to you and yours.


- Reverend Straboh

Note on Articles:

The articles posted on this site are in the original context of the author and are not proof read by me and are not corrected, edited, spell checked or otherwise changed in any way from the original posting. All of the articles on this site are used with consent and all credit is given where credit is due. I would like to thank those authors for their hard work in providing content for sites like this one. We appreciate your efforts and look forward to future postings. Keep up the good work!

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