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Message from the Lord

Out of the Ether have I come.
I am he whom thou hath Invoked.
Lord of the Harvest, Lord of
the Hunt, the Green Man, Father,
Son and Sage. Many names have I,
for many faces do I wear. Fear me
not, for to fear me is to fear thy self.
Thou art each a part of me as I
am the co-creator of thee.
To know me is to know thy self,
thy kinsman, thy neighbor. For each
among you carry within thy breast a beating
heart, warmed by the spark of life which is of
myself and my Lady. Freely we gave
of ourselves unto thee that thou may live.
Thou liveth not to serve, but to honor our
labors, protect our creations, celebrate the
turning of the seasons, love and prosper.
Remember each of you to tend to your
Mother. Though she is ancient and wise, she is fragile.
Keep her waters clean, her air pure, her fires
well tended, her body untainted. Love and
honor she and I as we love and honor each
of thee. Be ye each kind unto that which we have created.
Destroy our creations not in anger nor in rage.
Harm not for the joy of harming. Kill not for sport.
Steal not from thy brother who labors beside thee.
Plant not the seeds of fear, doubt or tyrany, for the
fruits of these are bitter and toxic to the Mana of thy fellow man. Harbor no malice toward thy fellow man, nor any creature of Mother Earth. Preserve thyself above all things. Take not thine own life in sorrow, mourning or remorse. Sacrifice thine own life if only in doing so you may save the life of your kindred and kind. Comandments these are not, for thy will is thine own as is thy life.
Therefore the Mother and I ask these things of thee only in perfect love and perfect trust. This being said, do what thou will and blessed ye be.

Author: Reverend Tommy Rogers
2007 All Rights Reserved.

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