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Create Your Own Custom Engagement Ring

Author: Philip collins | Posted: 06-03-2007

Do you think that giving your finance a one of a kind engagement ring would be very special? Then you should look into making her a custom engagement ring. There are many different shapes of diamonds Round, Princess, Emerald, Radiant, Oval, Pear, Marquise, Heart, Asscher, and Cushion and as always you will need to make sure that you get a quality diamond of the right clarity carat and color then you have different metals to choose from traditional gold, white gold and platinum.

You need to educate your self on the different setting you can choose from a four or six prong setting. With a custom engagement ring you may want to use the four prong setting so it shows off more of that beautiful diamond you have spent your hard earned money on or you may choose to have a six prong so there is less chance of the diamond coming loose. There are also the flush mounted diamond or the bezel setting with the flush setting the diamond sits down in the band and shows only the top and the bezel setting is similar to the flush mount but there is rim of gold around the diamond so that it gives more depth to the custom engagement ring. You will want to look into maybe having a multiple stone setting also.

When you have chosen the setting and the diamond you are going to want to find out what kind of gold or platinum you are going to have the band made out of. You can choose 14, or 18-karat gold for the band depending on what your budget will allow usually bands are made in 18-carat gold. If you know that she prefers white for her custom engagement ring then you can go with white gold or platinum. Platinum is more expensive than white gold so if the budget is tight you can save some money by going with white gold it will still make a fantastic ring.

Bands come in different styles you can get them in square or round or a combination of some kind it is better to have a rounded edge for comfort.

Building that perfect custom engagement ring for that special person will be a lot of fun so be sure that you take the time to learn the ins and outs of a custom engagement ring so that when you do ask that all important question will you marry me and they say yes the next step of placing that ring on their finger will be perfect.

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