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Top 2007 Wedding Trends

1. Glam Weddings

Glamour is in, according to many sources for 2007. This year instead of casual weddings most brides and grooms will focus on elegant and sophisticated events.

2. Back of Wedding Dress Details

During the wedding ceremony, guests are primarily looking at the couples backs. For this it makes sense that brides are adding embellishment to the back of their dresses, including special embroidery, monograms, wearing lace-backed dresses, or deep v-backed dresses for entertaining all the men in the crowd who wish they had met her first.

3. Bold Jewel-Tone Colors

Unlike the popular pastel blue and chocolate brown color schemes that were popular in 2006, brides and grooms are making suprisingly trend setting choices with bold jewel tone wedding colors, including rich purples, golds, oranges, and reds.

4. Destination Weddings

Katie Holms and Tom Cruise set the destination to global elsewhere for many would be brides and grooms with their extravagant $2.5 million dollar Italian wedding, making marriage abroad an even more appealing concept for the 2007 season. Fiji anyone?

5. Adding elements of other cultures

We all know about the Unity candle as a wonderfuly beautiful bonding experience between bride and groom at the altar, but how about a Native American blanket ceremony? Perhaps a Wine ceremony in place of the Unity candle? Again, creative, creative, creative! Get those thinking caps on and lets make some memories!

6. Non-Officiant Weddings

Most couples who are young and in love feel that they are husband and wife long before they ever reach the altar on that special day. Therefor, who better than to pronounce you husband and wife than yourselves? Non-Officiant weddings are comming on strong and becoming more and more mainstream in todays fast paced do-it-yourself society. Check with your state and or county for marriage laws in your area concerning your legal rite to take vows without an ordained Clergyman Officiating the ceremony.

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