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A Cinderella Fairytale Wedding


Posted: 08-03-2007

Every bride to be starts with an inspiration or thought as to how their wedding can be not only beautiful, but unique. Inspiration may be found in day to day activities, magazines, hobbies, or even romance novels or fairtales.

To help out brides along, we'll be publishing great wedding ceremony and wedding reception ideas to help inspire you to create the wedding of your dreams - whether you just needed a few new tips or find yourself loving one of our complete wedding themes and just need to make it yours.

One of our all time favorites is the Cinderella Fairytale Wedding. Read on to see how one bride made her fairytale come true.

A Cinderella Fairytale Wedding

A pure white dress, flowing down to the floor, a train of endless length following gracefully behind, the veil placed strategically under a crown fit for a queen. This is our Princess, and this is her fairytale wedding.

Just imagine walking into a ballroom draped in exquisite gold fabrics and a red carpet leading down to two thrones in the middle. Gold and silver chairs on both sides of the long red carpet. The carpet comes to an end at three steps leading up to a platform of gold and white, two tall thrones, decorated in jewels and dark colored cushions, sitting side-by-side, the prince standing before the left throne. A grand organ in the back right corner of the ballroom plays the wedding theme as the princess makes her way down the carpet, her long train following behind.

She is wearing a flowing gown, a long veil, a gold crown on top of the veil. She is simple, yet elegant, with a gold necklace around her neck, decorated with a charm, or maybe she prefers a stunning Victorian inspired pearl necklace set. The dress is white, maybe with a gold trim, white strapped heels decorate her feet. A gorgeous bouquet of white roses (bridal white signifies happy love), a small gold ribbon keeps these roses bundled together.

The bridesmaids to the right are dressed in light colored Victorian ball gowns, long gloves matching their gowns, and each one is holding a single yellow rose in their hand (a yellow rose means "I care", and signifies friendship), the groomsmen to the left in white gloves and tuxes, all standing in front of the platform, but not blocking the stairs up. Victorian style jewelry would be perfect for these gorgeous bridesmaids. The prince is dressed in a tux as well, with white gloves on, but unlike his groomsmen, he has one white rose pinned to the front of his tux.

The couple give their final kiss, and turn to their audience. As the ceremony comes to a close, the couple walk side by side down the long red carpet, white rice being tossed into the air, not at our couple, and they go outside to be greeted by two white horses, and a round white carriage. The couple ride off in this Cinderella style carriage.

For the after party of the happy couple, the fairytale can be carried over to the wedding reception. The room can be costumed in a Victorian ball style; gold, deep red, and white would be the ideal colors. The tables can be draped in deep red cloth with gold trim, white plates on top, a bouquet of white and red roses (these two colors combined symbolize unity) in gold vases in the center of each table.

The tables all surround a dance floor in the middle of the room, white and red rose petals scattered across, this will be where the couple shall share their first dance as a married couple and it should be special. A small stage beside the dance floor would be perfect for a small band.

Most importantly, the couple, as well as their guests, should enjoy themselves, so dance the night away! Don't forget to thank your guests with Fairytale Wedding Favors so they'll always remember your happily every after fairytale wedding.

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